Built on open source.

Crafted by The Commit Company, Raven only uses 100% free and open source libraries and software.

Projects we used to build Raven.

We use these awesome open source projects to build Raven 🎉

Frappe Framework

The backbone of this product, Frappe is what powers Raven. The database, ORM, cache, web server - everything runs on the Frappe framework.


The user interface is built using components from ChakraUI. They look so good that we have hardly customized any component and used most of it out of the box.

Frappe React SDK

A library of React hooks developed by us at The Commit Company, it provides a set of common functions to use a Frappe backend in a React application. Built using SWR, Axios, and frappe-js-sdk.

React Icons

We use icons from multiple libraries throughout the app, for which we use react-icons - a collection of popular icons from multiple sources.




Fast, composable, unstyled command menu for React. Used for our command palette and search.

React Hook Form

Building performant forms has never been this easy. We use and recommend this library for any React project you might have.

React Markdown

Markdown component for React, used to show messages in the chat interface.




The framework that allowed us to build this website in days instead of weeks. Easy recommendation for building a landing page or documentation site.

Cal Sans font

All we did for designing our logo was to type it in this amazing font designed by the team at Cal.com